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Turn Comments into Customers

DropYacht DMs your followers with product recs, coupons, and rewards whenever they engage with your social media content 🚀


GPT-Powered Conversations

DropYacht uses goal-driven AI to understand customer intent, helping you generate leads, increase sales, and answer questions.


Drive Action

Send messages encouraging your most loyal followers to explore new products, invite friends, and subscribe to updates.


Advocacy Marketing

Turn your customers into influencers by rewarding them for resharing your posts or posting User Generated Content.

Attribute Growth to Social Media

DropYacht ties purchases and account sign-ups back to specific interactions on social media, enabling you to precisely measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Brand Safe and Built for Every Platform

DropYacht uses cutting edge AI to automatically monitor for spam, bad actors, and high risk accounts on Instagram, Discord, TikTok, and Twitter to ensure your brand safety standards are always upheld.